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Alteration Room Design

Every space is different. Every room has its unique reason for existing.

     We might produce a thousand ideas before arriving at the perfect one for a project or client. It's a necessary part of the creative architectural process and one that we take seriously. Here's how we do it:

  • Goals  - To provide retailers with setup, maintenance, staffing , production guidelines, time evaluations, equipment need, follow up.
  • Set up - Meet general contractor at site, review space allocated, discuss equipment recommendations based on space and volume projections.  Once equipment needs are established we have the vendors available to provide the equipment, install, and maintain as needed.  These vendors have worked with many retailers over the past 20 years including Brooks Brothers, Barney’s, Bloomingdales,  Joseph Bank, Macy’s, Niemen's, and Saks.  All while providing timely and professional service.
  • Staffing – we have the expertise to provide labor requirements based on projected sales and unit volume for the location.
  • Productivity Guidelines -  Based on our years of experience working with New Century Information Services we have established productivity guidelines based on time needed per job compared against hours worked to evaluate production and can provide access ands set up of this technology for the location.
  • Supply Needs – work with vendors who can supply sewing supplies  and  have established an opening kit for supplies which can be replenished as needed and orders can be placed online or by phone, so coupled with our other vendor relationships we can provide a seamless process from set up to fully functioning tailor shop.
  • Follow Up –we can provide on site follow up visits for quality control, efficiency and equipment needs.

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Meet John Frallicciardi cont'd..

     After 5 years as manager of a flagship store with a staff of over 70 associates with responsibilities for sales performance, store operations as well as overseeing a central shop alteration department of 25 associates he was promoted to regional director of stores for the Northeast region.  After excellent results in the Northeast region he was promoted to regional director for the Mid-West from where he was then promote to Director of Alteration Services for the entire company which included upwards of 130 stores with 5 central shops as part of the store group.

     Responsibilities included overall budget for all stores, payroll, maintenance, supplies and revenue collection, staffing for all stores, all technical standards including writing of alteration manual for all stores to ensure compliance in all locations to the same company standards. And in 1998 working with software company set up tracking system for all stores in the company which provided information on all operations in tailor shops, production, revenue, timing of all operations and ability to understand workload on hand in every store in the company.