WE have the unique ability to not only help design your room, but also review that design with leading tailors and fitters in the country

We can meet with your tailor, construction personnel,  & architect to make sure that you get the maximum & most efficient use of your space.


Our History

     Alteration room design consultants was established to help with the design and setup of your alteration facilities nationwide.  We are a group of people who have worked with most of the top retail stores in the country over the past 30 years. We can assist in planning, layout, design, site inspection set up and testing in your alteration rooms.  We can provide varied levels of service from a simple plan review and layout to full service layout and setup of your room.  Over the years our founder John Frallicciardi has worked with alteration shop managers, architects, engineers, construction personnel, and retail executives in reviewing and designing alteration rooms from a simple 1 to 2 person room to central shops with staffing off from 20 to as many as 100 people.

     In addition to alteration shop layout our team can provide insight in the following:

  • Equipment recommendations based on size of room and staffing needs .
  • Shop maintenance, equipment sourcing, sewing machines and pressing equipment as well as supply needs, all sewing supplies needed for each specific room based on volume projections.
  • Provide support for managing workload, information on timing of all functions, productivity either manually or electronically.
  • We have a working relationship with a team that can set up electronic managing of workload, timing, revenue collection and production and can offer training to manage this process.
  • Also have a working knowledge of pay rates for various areas of the country for all job classifications from operator to presser to tailor and fitter-tailor categories.

Alteration Software

     We are working with the nation's leading alterations workroom management software suite for the retail apparel industry. 

Meet John 

John ‘s path to becoming involved in consulting evolved after years of experience with one of the industry's largest retail establishments. Beginning in 1983 he became manager of Brooks Brothers flagship store located in his hometown of Boston , Ma. After 5 years as manager...

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